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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Shahrukh Khan opens up about his relationship with Gauri

Actor and producer Shahrukh Khan, who has time and again proved himself to be a family man, opened up about the strong relationship he shares with wife Gauri Khan.
During a recent interview, SRK opened up about his bond with Gauri Khan and their children.
He was quoted saying, "Gauri and my relationship has been geared entirely towards raising our children. That's what eventually happens. Parents become parents at one point and that changes it all. We have a badass 18-year-old, a dainty 16-year-old and then there's the 3-year-old little gangster. Our conversations, our life together is through the prism of our children. They've been our focal point and have literally kept our world intact."
He added, "It's a little difficult to be a movie star's spouse. Our lives don't belong to our partners. They belong to the world. We're called public figures because we no longer have a private life the way it's meant to. To be able to take that for so many years and be able to carve an identity and space for yourself is extremely difficult. Gauri has been great in making a space for herself in which she is not identified as Shahrukh Khan's wife. By not doubting, talking, or doing anything, she's made her own identity and that takes a very large heart. To be a partner to a movie star means that you don't own them. And to continue to be like that without feeling belittled, smaller or unimportant takes a lot." 

Shahrukh Khan opens  up about his relationship with Gauri

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