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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

PC Gaming info resource master list

PC Gaming info resource master list
Links to damn near everything there is to know about PC gaming. Link them to friends or use them for yourself. Enjoy. *****WHY TO CHOOSE PC***** Unbiased, in-depth comparison of PC and console gaming made by a guy who games on both FoxeoGames Becoming a PC Gamer series: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: *****HOW TO BUILD A PC***** Newegg's How to Build a PC Series Part 1: Part 2: JayzTwoCents Beginners Guide: How to Build a Computer (Personal favorite) How to Build a PC: The Ultimate Guide from Tek Syndicate Build an Epic $600-$800 Gaming PC Turn a crap prebuilt into a gaming PC for $150 *****AS FAST AS POSSIBLES***** Benchmarks What is a Chipset Thermal Throttling Positive vs. Negative Air Pressure 32-bit vs. 64-bit Antialiasing Field of View (FOV) Ambient Occlusion Difference between Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 Video connectors Resolution CPU Shopping Tips Crossfire vs. SLI Safe PC Temperatures What is a Motherboard What is a Heatsink SSD's vs Hard Drives Bottlenecking Video Card Shopping Guide Overclocking 4K vs. 1080p *****CHOOSING PARTS***** - A website dedicated to giving a list of parts based upon a given budget (include the cost of Windows!) - select parts and have everything you need to build a PC before you order. To be the only person with a gaming PC within 500 miles: To be the only person on your rugby team with a gaming PC: If you ask nicely: Where to get parts in Europe *****USEFUL SOFTWARE***** You need this. You just do. - verify your clock speeds and hardware, in case you forgot. - if you plan on GPU overclocking. Will also monitor temperature, usage, and clock speed of CPU, GPU, and RAM, as well as GPU fan speed. - Benchmarking program designed to strain your video card and determine its gaming performance in a synthetic environment. GPU Drivers For AMD GPU's: For Nvidia GPU's: *****YOUTUBE CHANNELS***** Tek Syndicate Tek Syndicate Hardware TotalBiscuit JayzTwoCents Pauls Hardware Hardware Canucks NCIX Tech Tips Newegg TV Linus Tech Tips Barnacules Nerdgasm *****SUBREDDITS***** and of course, Reddits compilation of every PC exclusive title 2000-2013 (2381 games)

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